Posted: April 6, 2007 in Health and wellness
It is fascinating how unique we all are.
One of my main triggers for seizures is crescendo. All can be affected by musics slow rise or surge in tempo or scale. For instance, national anthems can cause emotional response or even a favourite song with memories attached, that rises in crescendo until you think you might or actually burst into tears.
I have even had fits because of what I now realise is the interlacing of music by the different instruments and your brain trying to ‘sort’ them out and also just everyday sounds. Once an arguement in another room at my dentist got louder and louder, from another room, two women talking and laughing, I am trying to handle the sounds of drills, a buzzing fridge in the corner, the lights humming AND my dentist talking to me! plus you could hear the faint noise of traffic outside. Most people have no trouble filtering out what they don’t want to hear or focus on the thing they want to hear.
In my case if I am not up to dealing with it, (tired, lack of medication, food etc.) my brain seems to lose that ability and all the noise becomes somehow orchestrated, all heard at the same time, seizure usually follows fairly swiftly, and in this case I spent the next 10 minutes tidying my dentist’s paperwork on her desk and then re-organising it. And of course I had no recollection of this afterwards, I just surface surrounded by some very worried faces.
As I am writing this it is hard to concentrate because my neighbour, on Good Friday has been screaming and shouting for nearly an hour now, first time in nearly six months but always seems to be on holidays, I am going to have to go out now!
Happy good friday.
  1. ... says:

    I beg thy humble forgiveness my leige…. I shall verily pervail myself of the four legged seating appliance in corner, whilst sporting conical headress!! lol I know you are a graphic designer my dear, but you also have taken photos n\’est pas? And being in an artistic field either way I was merely thanking you for your opinion, being someone with artistic ability it is valued.
    I consider myself chastised lol, if you do decide to forgive me, i\’ll see you soon, luv n hugs Penxxx sorry…sorry….sorry…sorry….did i mention i was sorry? creeps away quietly…


  2. ... says:

    Thank you so much for looking at his pics…all of them…you brave man lol, your words meant a lot especially considering you are a photographer..and he definitely doesn\’t look at things in the \’normal\’ way. As for chocolate yeah, they had loads lol, as for the trip, we ain\’t been anywhere yet! lol goin upto see grandparents on thursday tho, just for a few days…if that was in reference to the eden visit, he went there with the school just before the end of term…I still haven\’t been!! have a great day, luv n hugz Pen xxx


  3. ... says:

    And a Happy Holiday to you too hun…hope things get a bit quieter for you!! luv n hugs Pen xxx guess who gets to be the easter bunny lol


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