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Posted: March 26, 2007 in Computers and Internet

can be a bit daunting, a lot of very unattractive ladies posing semi-naked as if naked, if you know what I mean. A lot of foul language too………….

…………well its cool and street wise to use language that an American  gangster would be proud of, think of the number of stand-up comedians who HAVE to $£"!*&^?@ to sound as if they have a working person’s agenda or politics. Or that they have an "attitude". Bad language on such a scale usually denotes an inability to express yourself and if you listen or read it out loud, no really try it! you can hear the frustration, wether they are attempting to verbally beat a subject to death or tongue-whip somebody into submission, the reality is they ain’t got the words or the guts to use far more dangerous language, words that really perforate, penetrate and hurt.

Unfortunately with Spaces it looks like I am going to have to take the content control back up to ICRA3:

  • disallowing content that creates feelings of fear, intimidation, etc. only in artistic, medical, educational, sports or news context
  • No incitement/depiction of discrimination or harm in any context
  • No abusive or vulgar terms, no profanity or swearing, no mild expletives in any context
  • No bare buttocks, breasts or genitals in any context

This of course, will limit who I see in Spaces and the NET, I can hear people thinking but what else is the Internet for, or at least that is how many blogs seem. But there are some interesting spaces out there, got about 10 now, some are hilarious some very sombre but interesting, and some have not a word of english on them but they are more interesting than the bad mouthed Space maker claiming that such ranting on line saves someone else from violence?

In the real world if someone starts swearing at me, I have learnt to shut up and say "I am sorry, do forgive me, I agree with you" and bow a lot, especially when there a lot of others around it drives the aggressor mad. But in South London for over 20 years it has only seriously happened once, as I believe the best way to be happy is to give happiness in the form of simple help or relief and respect.

No I am not a saint and I don’t wanna be one and yeah I do swear usually when I hurt myself.

what do you think?

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