Micro Soft

Posted: March 26, 2007 in Computers and Internet

I have spent most  of my day trying to figure out how to format writings and images in this "space" which does not acknowledge that I have IExplorer 7 and  even stops me putting paragraph spaces in the meagre contributions I make here. I hit a brick wall very hard.

I am not a hack or techno just a graphic designer  who has been using computers since 1986, And after almost ten years I have found a software that wraps text around images with a click, (DTP software has priced itself out of the home or the available is terrible with typography and I do want this to be visually styled in some way, particularly verse lines. 

Well after downloading .NET Framework and then Windows Live Writer (Beta) lets see what happens? For all my friends who have probably got this already anyway, or maybe not if this is a beta (experimental, unpolished) software. And what I see so far there is the possibility one can write the raw text, and then format to one’s heart’s content offline, yup on your own desktop then post the finished product to your space, I hope this looks as good as it sounds and spaces becomes a little more attractive, besides what I write needs the illumination of typographical shape and illustrations. So let’s see……

what do you think?

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