Utopia – Thomas Moore

Posted: March 23, 2007 in Poems

"you must not forsake the ship in a tempest,

because you cannot rule and keep down the winds……………….

……..but you must with a crafty wile and subtle train,

study and endeavor yourself,

as much as in you lieth,

to handle the matter wittily and handsomely for the purpose,

and that which you cannot turn to good so order that it be not very bad!

  1. ... says:

    Glad yr team won! lol, happy bunny then? and I use crafty wile and subtle train all the time! pml. Thanks for the comments hun, they are very much appreciated, as is the insight you have given…I\’m an expert on Autism not epilepsy!! lol, but I\’m sure that you\’ll help me on that score, and sure as hell gonna take your advice on the advantage score, sick to death of the way the schools treat todays kids, they don\’t care about their well being, its all about their school "figures" makes me madder than hell I can tell you, will be having a few choice words with them next week, now that I\’ve chased my marbles down and inserted them back into the brain cavity! lol and I will talk to my son and put across what you say, it is very sound advice…go on be a devil, sure yr photo can\’t be that bad! have a great day, and a safe and happy weekend, luv n hugs Pen xxx


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