Posted: March 18, 2007 in Health and wellness

  the wicked, heart stopping, pulsing 45 minutes of football I have just watched has me bouncing all over the sofa, punching the air, clapping my hands while a watch a television? I am not even there. For those who cannot understand the thrill of sport when it is played with the highest excellence and that excellence is shared by the onlooker, spectator,  or fan, manifesting itself as just pure happiness, I say ‘your loss’.

Manchester United, expecting to face a stern test against the defence of Bolton Wanderers showed, despite their injury problems and therefore younger team, that the beautiful game is still there, when players don’t dive to get advantage, don’t try to get opponents penalised or even purposefully injured them, but just do the simple, direct things at speed, with grace and ingenuity. And I am loving it, 350 miles away and had a great day because 11 men were unbeatable, MY team WERE great!

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    Got the invite hun, thanks all sorted :)…and many thanks for the advice, what you say about tiredness rings true, both times it happened he was very tired, plus he has been under stress from exams atm, for the past two weeks ,he\’s been suffering with nose bleeds. He did crack his head on something in his fall, discovered a huge lump on his head, takin him back to the docs tomorrow…but no not a believer in cotton wool lol…and come to think of it there is a girl at school who quite likes him…gave him two kisses on Friday, made a lot a kids jealous as she\’s liked by a lot of the lads…
    And Oui, je m\’appelle Pen lol, ohhh and thanks for the compliment on the musical taste 🙂 hope you\’ve had a good weekend luv n hugs Pen xxx


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