Posted: March 7, 2007 in Health and wellness
I had to spend 15 minutes with my General Practitioner this morning, why? Because my pharmacist and the GP’s staff were in a fluster about a change to my much needed, regular perscription.
It turns out that a 20mg pill has been withdrawn from use and this was the cause of the excitement. Instead of simply giving me 2 x 10mg pills, I had to consult my doctor and waste her time, in my opinion.
But I am glad i went down the road and met a new doctor at the practice, a lady with a wonderful laugh and actually offering specialist referrals regarding the long term effects of the cocktail drugs I have been taking for 35 years. Interested enough to want to help tackle the nagging problems that go along with the chemical solution of Western medicine for epilepsy. She was the first doctor I have met who did not need prompting or nagging before offering this help and we found humour in the discussion of problems such as teeth destabilising because of soft gums a direct result of medication.
A smile and a great laugh probably did me more good this morning than even the extra assistance offered.
To top it all, she wanted to check the content levels of the medication in my blood and a few other things such as colesterol, – it is usually I that has to ask for these tests!
It was also a beautiful fresh sunny day and I visited my brother on his birthday and spent a wonderful time with my 14 month old nephew.
The power of a smile first thing, ignited a great day perhaps a stronger medicine than those of the corrected perscription she wrote me.
  1. ... says:

    Aww, nothing like the smile to get the day goin eh? So sorry I haven\’t been by in a while, gonna rectify that immediately!! btw access is granted, drop by sometime be good to see you…put the space on private for a little while..and didn\’t have you in my contact list, so couldn\’t add you, glad you asked! Read the blog you wrote on the purpose of spaces…and you definitely banged the nail on the head with that one, it\’s a place where we come to vent frustration, let the darkness out, have a laugh…I call it damn good therapy, especially for someone like me bein a 24/7 carer..spaces are as you say about the reality of our lives…no plots, no authors..sayin that the life stories of some, no author could make up!…and on a good note my eldest hasn\’t had another seizure since last April, so we live in the hope that it was a one off…hope you have a good day hun, luv n hugs Penfold xxx ps would it be ok to add you to my friends list?


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