where have I been?

Posted: December 9, 2006 in Health and wellness
not even time to make blog entries, the shame of it!
Christmas, of course has dominated the last six weeks and now I have come back to this…… activity, time consuming for a non-writer, I have had a face slapping realisation that Spaces are essential about nothing. No, wait a minute, because all your entries in this technological ledger are mostly personal and the majority are not seeking to entertain, or their ego drives them on to see how many visits their Space gets, most people’s blogs are about the minutae of life, the bits and pieces that make up a day across the world.
Not dominated by the construction of plot, or a storyline, blogs are free to flow, sure, some flow up and some down, some flow fast and some flow slow, but they are not dominated by content, like the present media trend for reality shows or books which authors deliberately mix fact and fiction until they are indivisable. The Net itself throws fact at you like hail stones. Life is becoming dominated by the need to grasp reality with both hands, to be in control I suppose.
Spaces wether meant or not is a place where you can share, without having to be clever, the day to day brightness and darkness of an individual, through the bits and pieces of the puzzle which make up a day, a year, a life.
No don’t worry I don’t work for Microsoft!
Now I have to finish the Christmas Cards and thank my nephew for his great birthday party.

what do you think?

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