something fresh?

Posted: October 26, 2006 in Entertainment
I like rolling about on the new leather sofa,
I like nestling up with you to keep warm.
You know, you are so tolerant, considering the mess I make, most of it you cannot see, but I do my best to lick it off!
and I am sorry, I thought we were a family? you know run with the pack etc., so I thought, while I was out last night, that I would bring some food home. Instead of selfishly stashing it away for myself.
yes I know its a white carpet, but look, look its fresh! I just thought we should have something fresh today!!! – instead of that stuff you hunt once a month and put on the floor everyday, in that weird plastic thing with the strange marks on the side. Have you ever licked plastic clean?
Its so de-humanising, after all, us humans have to stick together, especially as your balance is so strange. Sometimes I think you have given up on your front legs, and why don’t you junp off the balcony to go out? Why do you always use the stairs?
Well, I am sorry you don’t like the meat it took me 2 hours to catch it, but your neighbour’s got the picture! He is right, it is natural for our pride to hunt. So come on lets do it, its a full moon tonight!
No? you want to watch that noisy coloured light again????
That thing is dangerous you know, we would never know if someone was hunting us, you see you have to have your senses about you did I tell you about the time…………
  1. ... says:

    The fantasy pics are ones that I\’ve mooched round the net for, come from all over, brilliant artwork, have a safe and great weekend, hugs Penfold xx


  2. ... says:

    Thanks for popping by hun, hope you are well…Keep on going?always on the go! LOL…love the blog btw and definitely senses about you are a good thing to have!
    Take care..big hugs Penfoldxx


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