Posted: October 19, 2006 in Health and wellness
after reading politicians, musicians and academics ‘blogs’ I wondered how quickly they, as gambling and porn have come to  dominate the net, would have their speeches, rants, or information disappear as only background noise or be spammed into non-existance. Unfortunately, many perhaps should, but who am I to judge?
So why should I bother to write anything on the net? Maybe I just need the therapy of disclosing to anyone who will listen or rather log on, my pleasures or displeasures, my likes or dislikes, my preferences or options, because that is what most seem to be doing. A sort of pythonesque tangent  seems to be absent no one seems to be utilising their space to be outrageous without offending (the majority) and bringing some reason to switch on a machine which, I admit, is now never absent in my life.
So if you have time to read this, I have to leave you wondering, does he want to please, as most  people who can type lines here do simply because of their ego sitting on their shoulder rapping out the message,
anyone can read this, anyone can read this 
do I want to entertain, deliver information or tell a story?
I don’t know yet, you see, without being dramatic, I may never use a computer again, that is the nature of my present condition, that is the nature of eating carpet. Have a good day because they are precious
  1. ... says:

    Heya Hun, thanks for dropping by and your insight into epilepsy, much appreciated…no, no audio\’s even mentioned it, they currently want to keep an eye on his blood pressure coz that was high, but other than that we\’ve just been left to wait and see!…and I don\’t think telling him your still playing computer games at 40 will discourage him at all, Lol.
    i use my blog for various things, self therapy, making others aware of Autism ( my youngest son), i\’ve also met others on here with Autistic children, which is a great help to me, you don\’t feel so alone when talking to someone you know understands, having a laugh and what suprised me most is that I have made a few good friends thru it, writing a blog at the end of the day is for what ever you want to write about, as long as you enjoy it, who gives a toss what anyone else thinks! Hope all is well with you, hugs Penfold x PS Never tried eating carpet! pmsl


  2. sal says:

    Interesting thoughts and amazing photos. Hope you do use your computer again, for once someone actually has intellectual thoughts on here. And i know what you mean about the noise, I have the same problem.


  3. Bernard says:

    Hello dave, you asked about the Project, we run the following groups for people with Epilepsy and their Carers, An Atrs and Crafts Group, gardening group, an IT project which teaches basic computer skills in peoples homes and a group for people who suffer depression as well as Epilepsy. We also have Social evenings and fundraising events. We have a website please sign our guestbook if you decide to visit.
    Take care


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